The whole team of Father Gabriel was brutally killed in a gross massacre by Pazuzu and its demons (Darkside Witches I), theirheads are impaled, their bodies are torned and scattered. The whole villageis cursed and everywhere are burning corpses. Father Gabriel himself is kidnapped by the black witch Lucrezia and captured in the underworld. The lord of darkness pacts with Lucrezia and both are going against the Vatican to destroy them. The only way to awake evil and to create an empire of demons and darkness.

Gérard Diefenthal Director

Gérard Diefenthal, an experienced Rome-based movie director. Born in Germany, grown up in France he decided to live and to follow his dreams to realize feature films in Italy. After he finished his studies of laws and economics, he worked for a while in the United States of America, finally as “Master of Visual Effects.” in France, Germany and Italy he directly participated in several film and cinema productions like Valeria – The Citiy of the thousand planets, Visual effects in Ghost Rider and Assistant Director in Luc Besson´s TAXI and many more.