Spring-Heeled Jack

A Tale of Monstrosity, Vengeance and Atonement


Story by Juhani Nurmi   |   Art Design by Paul Gerrard



The Story
SPRING-HEELED JACK – created by Finnish screenwriter Juhani Nurmi and British concept artist Paul Gerrard – is a TV series concept about one of the darkest myths in British folklore.
   Featuring a Gothic ambience of fog, smoke, gaslights and urban decay, the series introduces us to Commander Frederick Reeve, who arrives in London in 1837 with his Chinese concubine, Jade Dragon.
   Commander Reeve is a classic, dashing swashbuckler, who projects natural charisma and gravitas. Yet his intense features conceal many dark secrets … a violent and treacherous past, which refuses to relent its grasp on him.
   Reeve’s old enemies, the Freemasons of London have uncovered his background as a former opium trafficker for an influential Chinese Triad clan.
   A few weeks before, a fatal mistake forced Reeve to leave China in a hurry. Now, upon his return to his native land, he finds that he’s slowly dying from an ancient Chinese poison – nicknamed ”The Black Devil” – and must consume a small amount of it to survive …