Directed by Costas Zapas.


Starring: Elli Tsitsipa, Andonis Goritsas, and Louis Mandylor


The Story: A theatre troupe comes to town performing “Frankenstein” A young female reporter, who is investigating the legend, believes that the novel is not a fiction but the true story of a group of alchemists, founded by the young doctor Victor Frankenstein. In 1817, they managed to defeat mortality and return from the dead. Interviewing the theatre troupe members, the reporter is confronted with the dark heroes of the novel, who appear in the city more alive than ever. Her investigations lead her to a universe of monsters and finally to a revelation about the secret of an eternal love that defies even death. But what is real and what is just her imagination? Who are these “actors”? Why have they come to her town? And who even is this young reporter? director: Costas Zapas animation & special effects: Panagiotis Rappas music: Bartek Walus, Alex S Swamp director of photography: Stelios Bouziotis set and costumes: Maria Karathanou sound design: Ilias Flammos make-up: Myrto Paretzoglou/Aggeliki Rapti sales executive: Charalampos Avrampos marketing executive: Yuwai Sun producer: Gregory Athanasiou executive producers: Louis Mandylor, Willi Kamarad an MPFilms production coproducer: Dreamfilms Gmbh major tech sponsor: Plaisio S.A. make-up sponsor: Kryolan International official smartphone provider: HONOR with the support of the Greek Film Centre actors guest star: Louis Mandylor starring: Elli Tsitsipa, Andonis Goritsas, Dimitra Hatoupi, Vassilis Bisbikis, Nikol Drizi, Danai Papoutsi, Demetre Georgalas.


Gothic horror romance feature “Frankenstein REC” that is casted for the first time ever with teenager actors that correspond Mary Shelley’s original character ages, has already caught the attention of festival programmers as it has been pitched in “Toronto Producers Lab”, the Network of Asian Fantastic Films in South Korea, European Crossroads Co-Production Forum, and selected by the Chinese SIFF project of Shanghai International Film Festival during its development.


Costas Zapas’ film adaptation brings the Frankenstein story into modern-day through a travelling players troupe staging “Frankenstein” and a young female reporter who believes that Shelley’s novel is not a fiction but a true story, revitalizes the original saga without losing any of the atmosphere or the horror that Mary Shelley’s novel originally captured back in 1818.


Director Costas Zapas has also written the screenplay, Gregory Athanasiou is the head producer and Willi Kamarad, Thamara Barth and Marc Steinhauer serve as executive producers. Other member of the creative team is academy member animator and special-effects specialist Panagiotis Rappas.