Abandoned as a child and unaware of her true identity, Victoria is a swashbuckling, fearless and bold pirate, a master of disguise, in the fervor of the 18th century. She wants more, to fulfill a prophecy of a sorceress to find and harness the powers of an ancient artifact which will solidify her leadership among the Caribbean pirates. Hot on her trail is an evil Voodoo sorcerer an English lord who plans to take the English crown.


As their paths cross, Victoria realizes she must travel to England to learn the whereabouts of the artifact. Masquerading as a noble French lady, she attracts the romantic interest of a playboy prince and witnesses the plots and intrigues of the royal court. She returns to the Caribbean and captures the artifact, harnessing its incredible powers.


Victoria's victory is short-lived as the evil English lord and the English king's navy begin a ruthless pursuit, which results not only in Victoria’s loss of the artifact, but a devastating revelation about her past that now turns her closest allies against her and forces her to re-evaluate herself entirely.


VICTORIA BLACK is an action/adventure, romance and fantasy feature film, the core of which is a classic pirate adventure blended with the theme of discovering one’s true identity and character, spiced with the adventure and magic that the world seeks! “Victoria Black and the Heart of Stone” is a welcome escape from everyday life for most, and has wide market potential during and after the film’s release, such as in theme parks (with international interest), computer and arcade games, books, soundtrack, and many other spin offs that can generate long-term income. The theme of a pirate-princess on a quest to finding a super powerful artifact makes it a project of great interest and brings to the film an already established audience.

This is a fun, action-driven tale with a host of lovable characters lead by a compelling, dynamic heroine. The story is classic—full of rum-swigging pirates, sword fights on the high seas, and coifed courtiers plotting to overtake the crown. Yet this potent blend of vibrant characters, led by the right cast, is fresh and invigorating, and there’s nothing recycled about this script.


The story of Victoria’s identity crisis and struggle with the discovery of love, as she fights to maintain the respect of her men and seize the enchanted artifact, is dramatically rendered with unsentimental heart and humor.


“Victoria Black and The Heart of Stone” is a galloping fantasy with strong dialogue and lush, cinematic sequences that transport the viewer to the seductive land of buccaneers. Given the pirate genre and a commercial, original script that’s a “star-vehicle” for sure, “Victoria Black and the Heart of Stone” has a wide appeal already proven by classic and contemporary films from “Mutiny on the Bounty” (starring a young Mel Gibson), to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise.


Further, “Victoria Black and the Heart of Stone” embodies the female-empowering story that so many young people in the coveted teenage audience wish to see.