Golden Nugget International Film Festival (GNIFF) with quarterly live screenings in four cities in three European countries and an annual live screening and awards event. The main emphasis of the festival are short films (up to 40 minutes).


A touring quarterly short film screenings in four countries United Kingdom (London & Leeds), Germany (Munich), Bulgaria (Varna) and UAE (Dubai) with an annual award ceremony (August 2020) and Workshops/Seminars/Guest Speakers every quarter and at the annual award ceremony.


Our Mission

  • The main focus of the festival is supporting and promoting new emerging filmmakers and provide avenues and honor for their talent and hard work.
  • Our mission is to introduce to the talented and passionate filmmakers new opportunities for networking, collaboration, distribution and continuing education and training.


Why submit with us?

  • Our long personal experience has led us to develop a film festival (platform/service) which aims to combine all the best practices/features which currently exist or are not evident among our competitors in the sector, in one easily accessible and affordable platform which main goal is to serve, honor, connect, promote and educate emerging talents as well as the established ones.
  • We aim to give voice and presence to the emerging filmmakers coupled with “know how” to progress in their professional career.
  • We are member of Universal Film Festival Organisation (UFFO), which currently has 370 member festivals which adhere to its code of conduct.
  • Our judging panel comprised of academics and award winning film professionals working in the industry.
  • We offer Inclusion of award winning films in partner festivals.
  • We pledge to provide full transparency of all details of the competition which are detailed explained on FilmFreeway and the film festival website.

What do you get?

  • Opportunities for the filmmakers to present their work in front of professionals in the film industry as well before a live audience in different European cities.
  • Personal feedbacks for their films from the jury upon request.
  • Distribution opportunities for the award winning shorts and selected quarterly semi finalists.
  • Opportunities for networking and collaboration.
  • Valuable education and training for free or with high discounts.


Our Goal

To find new talented filmmakers (golden nuggets), to help their films to be viewed and to connect them with experienced filmmakers, artists, as part of their education and training and to connect their films with distribution platforms.


Our Ethos

We would best describe ourselves as being creative - entrepreneur’s which for us means that we have an insatiable thirst for learning, evolving and creating. There is simply no one end goal. This translates into following an agenda which encompasses advanced communication, empowerment, continuous learning and development leading to a sustainable economic development and a sustainable future for individuals, organizations, and nations across the world.

How to Submit

Film submissions exclusively on FilmFreeway, so that you don’t have to deal with multiple platforms and also because FilmFreeway has the option for you to receive a discount for multiple submissions by becoming a GOLD member.

We are proud members of the GOLDEN NUGGET International Film Festival Jury

Taraq Qureshi

Chairman / Producer / Director

Willi Kamarad

Executive Producer

Navdeep Sachdeva

Actor / Producer

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