Willi Kamarad



Based south of Munich, Germany, Willi is best known for 'The 4th Horseman' and 'The Jester from Transylvania'. Willi has worked for many years developing movies across genres - namely - Thriller, Action, Western, Supernatural, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Animation and Horror.


He was born in rural Southern Bavaria, where he now resides, with his wife and two children. When he was 5 years old and his parents were in bed, Willi tiptoed back down into the TV room and found himself watching Christopher Lee in 'Dracula'. He was hooked!


Lee's charisma as a vampire, the spooky atmosphere, the whole story from beginning to end - Willi saw it was not only about Dracula himself, but he was intrigued about the supernatural and the eerie connection of having the village in Transylvania not far away. He was not frightened but rather beguiled, wanting to explore and know more of this world. Even then he knew the difference between film and reality. Willi knew it was like a fairy tale at such a young age. Yet, he enjoyed getting lost in the surreal possibility of it all. He recognized film an an escapism - an alternate reality. Fun. Adventurous. He was captivated.


Willi left school at 18 years and took a job at a VCR distribution house - they were a supplier of videos to the Bavarian region and Willi's responsibility was to decide which films went to which stores. After 6 months, his CEO established a new company 'Video Giant' (Blockbuster equivalent). Within the year, Willi took the opportunity to buy one of these outlets in Murnau and set up his own business (1988-2012), illustrating his entrepreneurial spirit at the mere age of 20!


Willi's love for films was insatiable and whilst having his video store business for 24 years, since 2005, he has also worked as an independent Sales Agent for Italian producers, selling to the German speaking territories.


In 2003 Willi founded 'Dreamfilms GmbH' drawing on his distribution and sales expertise and focusing on producing and directing, initially music videos and short films, but thereafter, inevitably producing his first feature films. In 2016, he has more than 40 movies in early and mid stages of development and production.


In 2016 he founded 'Asgard International' a world sales agency.