Vandana Gautam



Vandana Gautam is a super star diva ,born in India to Gopal Dutt Gautam and Urmila Gautam in Delhi. She is loving princess of her parents. Vandana Gautam received her primary and part of her Secondary Education in Delhi.

Vandana Gautam is a Bollywood film actress, model, film director,script writer, producer and a national spokesperson of political party in India . She is a CEO of Gautam production house (GPH) and CEO of Gautam law Associates law firm( GLA).
She is a brand ambassador of Gautam law Associates a law firm and brand ambassador of Gautam production house as well as she is a brand ambassador of International company that’s Orbit Advertising company in Nigeria . She is a beauty queen and the other hand we can say she is a beauty with brain.

At the age of 12 years old Vandana Gautam was learning the lessons of politics because of her mother is politician and social activist . Vandana Gautam born in a family of political background . Vandana Gautam has passion for leadership in business from starting of her career . She always tried to do best every time and she Learns more and more chapters in her life. In her young age she is so hardworking in her career. She works 20 hours in a day. Vandana Gautam is a best actress in Indian film industries. She has acted in many films and TV serials. She has done modelling for various big brands.

Vandana Gautam is social activist. She is a National spokesperson of “Sayukt Vikas party” (SNVP)political party.She supports many NGOs for funding to poors,needed persons, children education, person infected with serious diseases .

Vandana Gautam is a beauty with brain. She won many awards in her acting and producing movies career. Vandana Gautam has a strong influence in Indian community. Where she serves as a youth Ambassador, best artist, best dancer, supermodel, superstar Diva, National spokesperson of snvp political party, CEO of Gautam production house (GPH), CEO of Gautam law Associates (GLA) as well as she is the brand ambassador Orbit advertising Nigerian company.

Vandana Gautam Won many awards and titles for her achievements are as under:

  • “Roshan Sitare Bollywood awards”- 1for best Actress
  • “ Roshan Sitare Bollywood awards” - 2 for best actress
  • Award from “ odhini” brand in India for Awsome personality and best actress award.
  • Award from” Epic TV channel” for best Acting
  • Award from” Doctor media”
  • Award from “ Race 4 passion award show” for best Actress
  • Award from “ All India reporter Association” for Best Movie Award “Gau Mata”
  • Award from the “Glorious public Times” for best Actress Award
  • Award from “All India reporter association-2” for best social activist and charity for many NGOs
  • Award from “Fulmati Foundation India” for best actress award